Thursday, February 12, 2009


Oh how I love this time of year!! I have had a love affair with anything shaped in a heart for over 30 years. I have a huge heart collection and I just love it. Hearts are my longest, largest and by far my favorite of all the crazy things I collect.

I am including a picture of some of my hearts from my collection. I hope you like them!
The glass heart is a small depression glass "trinket" dish. The small red heart is one from my Czech Glass collection (currently for sale). I LOVE theses buttons!!! "Be Merry" was a gift from my Neice and I NEVER packed it away after I opened it one Christmas a few years back. The heart card is a very old vintage Valentine's Day card which is a piece I have kept from my 80 billion postcards!! LOL

Happy Valentine's Day Ladies

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  1. Oh, your new blog template looks so pretty! I love the hearts, I have many old vintage valentines, but unfortunately they are somewhere in this big ole house and can't find them! I will see you at the Valentine's Day Blog Party! Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Mimi


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